Olé extra virgin olive oil - Case of 12 (12 X 16.9 fl oz)


Stock up for yourself or have extras to give away with a 12 pack of Olé premium “Picual” variety extra virgin olive oil.

With 3 times the antioxidants of typical extra virgin olive oils and a wonderful flavor and aroma, Olé is the perfect choice for you as both the health conscious consumer as well as the foodie searching for the next great taste experience.

Olé stands above other extra virgin olive oils for several reasons:

• Higher antioxidant content promotes a healthy heart, and controlled blood sugar and cholesterol levels
• Super -low acidity makes the oil easy on the stomach and digestive system
• Longer shelf life and higher smoke point when cooking
• Unique packaging makes Olé a great gift item for a food lover

*Prices in US Dollars.